Do You Tradeshow? We do!

We recently came back from the 69th annual National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. The Hardware Show is 560,000+ square feet of manufacturers of DIY home improvement products, ranging from hardware and tools to tailgating.


This year, we exhibited products under our Duck®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate Green® and Shurtape® brands – with a few surprises. Dan Brady, our resident paint expert, was on-hand with some live painting demonstrations, and construction manager and TV personality Tom Bury was encouraging attendees to vote for the school most in need of a $10,000 makeover in our annual Love for the Lunchroom cafeteria makeover program. But, what really drew the crowd was our candy display, which commemorated our latest product innovation: Duck Tape Scents® – the first scented duct tape on the market. 


Don’t forget to stop by to see what’s new at next year’s National Hardware Show – May 5-7, 2015, in Las Vegas.

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