About Us

Mission Statement

To build brands that are among the most highly respected by consumers, partners and trade buyers by becoming the quality, innovation and marketing LEADER in the product categories that we offer.


Our Heritage
The Early Years
1950 - 1960

ShurTech Brands, traces its roots to 1950, when the Melvin A. Anderson Company was founded. Anderson,a tiny industrial tape distributor, set out to supply duct and electrical tapes to area factories. Serendipitously, almost 60 years later, Shurtape Technologies, Anderson’s key supplier, would become the new parent company. However, the unique business relationship between Shurtape and the Melvin A. Anderson company, one that blossomed and helped define the industry, would have never come to fruition had it not been for the key growth engine and eventual owner, Jack Kahl.

Jack Kahl
The Beginning of a Legacy
1960 - 1978

Jack Kahl started in 1963 as Melvin Anderson’s first full-time employee. Through proactive and assertive sales and marketing efforts, Jack grew sales to $800,000. Eight years later, Jack acquired the company and changed the name to Manco Tape, Inc., an acronym for Melvin A. Anderson Company; the name was later simplified to Manco, Inc. As sales of its flagship product, duct tape, continued to soar, so did the relationship with Shurtape Technologies, a full-line manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes. Additional Shurtape supplied products, namely masking tape and packaging tape, were eventually added to Manco’s product portfolio and launched in the retail marketplace.

Duck Tape®
The Building of a Brand
1978 - 1998

In 1980, against all conventional wisdom and protests from outside consultants, Jack decided to sell the company’s duct tape (then a commodity product) as a branded product under the trademarks Duck® and Duck Tape®. Jack wanted customers to have a brand champion who represented a helpful, upbeat spirit. In 1984, a friendly mascot, Manco T. Duck, was created by a former Disney artist and added to the packaging. The duck theme complemented Manco’s unique corporate culture and deep commitment to be fun, friendly, helpful, imaginative and resourceful. Within four years, sales of Duck® brand duct tape skyrocketed, making it the #1 brand in America for duct tape mass retail sales and brand recognition; a place of distinction it still holds today.

Going Global
The Henkel Years
1998 - 2009

In 1998, while still maintaining Manco’s singular corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit, Jack sold the company to The Henkel Group, a multinational company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. Shortly thereafter in December 2000, Jack retired and his son, John Kahl, was named the new CEO of the Avon, Ohio based Henkel subsidiary. The Henkel Group’s global presence was deemed highly favorable as it allowed Manco to better serve its North American retailers with their international expansion plans. In efforts to leverage the well-recognized Henkel brand, Manco officially changed its name, in 2002, to Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Inc. In 2004, Henkel strategically acquired certain assets of Tape Specialties Limited and a new brand, Painter’s Mate Green® was added to the portfolio. However, within a half-decade, Henkel’s strategic focus began to transition to their core adhesives.

The Shurtape Union
The Beginning of ShurTech Brands
2009 - Present

In 2009, The Henkel Group sold the do-it-yourself (DIY) line of tapes, office and housewares products to Shurtape Technologies, LLC in Hickory, North Carolina. The formalized union between Shurtape Technologies and its newly- named subsidiary ShurTech Brands is often described as a “marriage that was meant to be”, as the collaborative partnership has been over a half-century in the making.

The transaction combined the consumer brands Duck®, Painter’s Mate Green® and EasyLiner® with Shurtape’s professional brands and manufacturing base. In addition, the acquisition brought a new innovative painting tape brand, FrogTape®, previously handled by Shurtape, to the ShurTech Brands portfolio. Together, our focus is to further drive innovation, category leadership and value for our retail partners.

Community Involvement

ShurTech Brands strives to improve the lives of others through educational opportunities, community outreach, charitable donations and volunteer programs.

  • We partner with Saint Martin dePorres High School, with their corporate work study program that offers exceptional students the opportunity to experience a professional work environment while attending high school.
  • Our Helping Hands team services the community as well as facilitates fundraising efforts with the company
  • Shurtech employees often participate in the Junior Achievement program, volunteering their time to teach planned lessons to students K-12.
  • ShurTech Brands employees often contribute donations to local charities, and supports longstanding commitments to these organizations.

Please Contact Us for questions about ShurTech’s community involvement.